Project Description

Client:   Dogizone / Canine Obedience Unlimited
Location:   Rockville MD 20850
Surface Area: 8,000 ft2
Year Completed:   2014
Project Manager: Jose
Comfort Specialist: Matt


The Challenge

To be able to condition the space so while cooling all the different boarding, training, and office spaces, the dog odor would be cycled out of the building.  The building was 8,000 sq foot cinder block space without insulation.  The owners were committed to providing the best facility for all their services and A.B. Chelini was committed to bringing it to them.  The installation needed to be completed while the facility was in operation with special attention to custom flooring.

The Solution

We engineered the building to be able to handle the cooling load with a combination of Mitsubishi and Rheem air conditioning units.  We installed and retrofitted ductwork throughout the building to meet each area’s load while maintaining the beauty of the facility.  The units that were installed were designed to meet the fresh air transfer that was needed by the canine training facility.