Project Description

Client:   Shein Family Home
Location:   Rockville MD 20850
Surface Area: 2,000 ft2
Year Completed:   2014
Project Manager: Jose
Comfort Specialist: Matt

The Challenge

The Shein’s home was a little over 3,000 sq. feet on a lot that is a little over a third of an acre.  Many people believe that in order to install the highest efficiency unit, a Geothermal, you need a lot of land.  In fact, there are various types of loops that can be configured and installations of Geothermals are commonplace both in DC row houses as well as on acres of land.

The Shein’s major concern was to install a system that would provide energy efficiency to go along with their solar panels, have a long life span so the need for replacement would not be in their future, and would provide significant reduction on their utility costs.  They wanted to be able to use their system to heat and cool as well as heat the domestic water system.

The Solution

After load calculations and many suggested options, we were able to provide the Sheins with the system they were looking for. We were able to zone each floor and sized the unit so the electric back up heat would almost never be needed. They installed a Climatemaster Geothermal unit that offers a 20-year lifespan on the system and a 50-year lifespan on the loops!

Installed complete Geo Thermal Heat Pump System:

  • ClimateMaster Air Handler
  • ClimateMaster Air Handler
  • ClimateMaster Outdoor Split
  • Indirect Water Heater Rheem
  • Lyric Honeywell Thermostat