Cut Heating & Cooling Costs By Up To 80%

Tax credits and rebates are available for individuals who use energy efficient heating and cooling systems. Find out how much you can save with our geothermal, multi split system, and radiant heating options. Contact A.B. Chelini now!

Radiant Heating

Radiant heating systems work by circulating warm water through a network of pipes placed in the floor, wall or ceiling. Heat is gently radiated from the panel, warming the surfaces, objects and air in the room to create a comfortable environment.

The water for a radiant system can be warmed with boilers, geothermal heat pumps, solar collection systems and water heaters. Radiant heating allows a thermostat to be set as much as 4ºF (2ºC) lower than it would be with traditional hot air systems without sacrificing comfort. These lower operating temperatures coupled with the superior heat transfer properties of water can reduce fuel consumption, potentially saving up to 30% per year in heating expenses. And since radiant heating can be used with a variety of heat sources, additional savings are possible.

Radiant heating is quiet, clean and economical, and is compatible with a variety of heat sources and floor coverings such as hardwood, carpet, vinyl, ceramic, tile and natural stone floor coverings.

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Stay comfortable all year round while saving 50% to 80% on heating and cooling costs. Using the constant temperature of the earth, with a ClimateMaster geothermal heating and cooling system you can eliminate your need for heating oil. Find out how much you can save. Call now.

A.B. Chelini will:

  • Maintain, service and install geothermal fixtures
  • Ensure accurate ground temperature loops
  • Ensure proper freeze protection in ground loop
  • Ensure proper output temperatures
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Multi Split Systems

Most homeowners think that in order to stay cool in summer and warm in winter, they’ll have to suffer with high utility bills. Multi split cooling and heating systems can’t control utility prices, but they can control your energy consumption.

The Systems Are Far More Efficient Than Traditional HVAC Systems:

• Homeowners report an instant improvement in their electric bills
• The units are up to 40 percent more efficient than window air conditioners
• They do not waste energy starting and stopping all day like traditional heat pumps
• The systems use only the precise amount of energy needed to maintain comfort
• No energy is wasted cooling or heating unoccupied rooms

Many of our systems are ENERGY STAR qualified and may be eligible for federal and state tax credits or local utility rebates.

There is no need to heat and cool every room in your home all year long, when you only occupy a few rooms at a time. Don’t try to control your entire home with a single thermostat. Instead, achieve total comfort on demand while saving money and reducing your energy consumption at the same time with a zoned multi split system solution.

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