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With United Service Specialists Heating & Air Conditioning, you can always be assured of quality workmanship. With over 150 years of combined experience in the heating and air conditioning industry we have worked on a plethora of residential and commercial projects in Maryland & D.C. We are committed to ensuring the longevity of our company and relationships by providing and exceeding customer satisfaction in all areas of service. It is not just the knowledge of how to service and install, but it is the pride in the craft of being a great heating and air conditioning contractor. Pride in our work is what distinguishes us from other contractors. It’s our attention to customer service and setting up your appointments, to the work performed, communication before, during, and after the work is completed, and the warranty we stand behind that sets us apart. We take PRIDE. We leave our work area as we meet it, and we will make sure you know how to operate and take care of your unit after installation. Our commitment to quality workmanship is because of you, our customer.

Mission Statement

We are committed to providing consistent, ethical, quality service to our customers, vendors, employees, and community that result in mutual loyalty, trust, and long-term relationships. We believe our service should exceed industry standards and provide the best value for the customer while maintaining our integrity and surpassing expectations.

Our Values


We believe we have a partnership with our customers. We respond quickly and deliver customer-focused solutions to customer concerns. We offer trouble-shooting recommendations so our customers are not left on their own to figure out issues themselves. We feel our customer’s sense of urgency on matters related to their needs. We own the problems, anticipate needs, respond quickly, and deliver customer-focused solutions.


One can make informed decisions based on thoughtful and detailed analysis of specific needs and comfort requests. Our service technicians and Comfort Consultants are trained to listen to your concerns and offer a good, better, best option so you can plan and make the smartest decision for you and your family. We collect the information from you, analyze the facts, and consider and present the options so you can make the best decision. We stay on top of local, state, federal, and manufacturer rebates so we can pass on to you all the discounts available for your various options.


The term “respect” can be difficult to define but for us, it’s easy. Respecting our customers means simply treating them the way we would like to be treated. We understand that a problem which requires having to call us, is inconvenient and problematic so we do our best to respect your time. We are happy to confirm appointments via email and contact you in enough time to meet us if you are meeting us from work!


We have an unwavering commitment to open, honest, and timely communication. Our HVAC and heating technicians will explain what the problems are and give clear options to rectifying that problem. You will always be able to talk to someone affiliated with the company whether during office hours or after hours. Our customer’s questions and concerns are of top priority to us. We understand the complexity of the industry requires clarity in communication so that you can make the best decisions and we can provide superior service.


United Service Specialists Heating & Air Conditioning recognizes the importance of employee development and training and sponsors many opportunities for continued education throughout the year. By training our technicians, we strengthen their skills so they can provide the best service and bring the entire team to a higher standard that is uniform throughout the company. Our team is exposed to the newest industry advances and they can provide information on environmentally friendly options, and ways to make our customer’s lives more convenient through regular maintenance options and smart home technologies.

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