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United Service Specialists Heating & Air Conditioning provides a complete range of expert heat pump services in Gaithersburg, MD and surrounding areas, including new installation, retrofit, seasonal maintenance, and skilled repair of all makes and models. We specialize in such industry recognized manufacturers as Trane and Rheem to offer a broad range of innovative, energy efficient options to resolve any demand. Contact us and we’ll put over 150 years of combined experience at your disposal.


United Service Specialists Heating & Air Conditioning answers all jobs with flexible scheduling, timely arrival, and conscientious job sites. Through quality products, highly trained technicians, and uncompromising standards of integrity, we ensure maximum return from your investment. Let us optimize the performance of your heat pump to trim running costs while restoring peak efficiency levels, heating/cooling capacity, reliability, and system lifespan. We’re here to serve your best interests, and we remain on call for after-hour service.
At United Service Specialists Heating & Air Conditioning, we offer a complete range of heat pump installation services. We’re eager to help you save money and energy through efficient and accurate heat pump installation. To schedule an estimate for heat pump installation, call us today at (301) 830-4099!

Heat Pump Frequently Asked Questions:

Yes, when sized properly and installed correctly, a heat pump will deliver more than adequate comfort.
The heat pump warms air to a temperature higher than the thermostat setting but lower than your body temperature, so it feels cooler but is actually heating.
When the outdoor unit goes through the defrost cycle, it creates water. The water needs to be moved away from the unit and drained or it will ice up.