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United Service Specialists Heating & Air Conditioning offers many different sump pump services ranging from installations and repairs, to consultations and removals. A sump pump is an integral part of a basement waterproofing. These pumps remove the water from your sump pit (hole that is designed to collect water and other spilled fluids); once the liquid is gone, it can’t contribute to cracking, bowing, or other structural deterioration.

Sump Pump Facts & Frequently Asked Questions

The most common cause of sump pump failure is electrical in nature. Plugging the pump into an extension cord, or an outlet that shares a circuit breaker with other electrical items, can cause the pump to receive low voltage. Heat is the enemy of electric motors and can shorten the life of a pump dramatically. We recommend the pump be plugged directly into an outlet (no extension cords) and that the outlet be the only thing powered by the circuit breaker (or fuse) that feeds it.
If your pump is equipped with a piggyback-style plug (where the pump plugs into the back or side of the switch plug) then you can unplug the pump’s plug and put it directly into the power outlet. The pump should immediately run. It will continue to run as long as you leave it plugged in this way. Do not leave it plugged in for more than a few minutes so that the pump does not overheat. To test to make sure the float switch is also working, or if your sump pump has a switch that plugs directly into the body of the pump, you will need to lift the float switch to its ‘on’ position. This will vary depending upon pump model so consult your owners’ manual for that information.

What you need to consider is horsepower, not size. The horsepower requirement for a house is determined by the area of drainage connected to the sump, the depth to the groundwater, the depth of the basement, and a few other factors. A 1/3-hp pump is standard for most houses.