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United Service Specialists Heating & Air Conditioning recognizes the importance of a reliable, efficient, and ample supply of clean, hot water. Even minor issues with water heating disrupt your everyday life, cause property damage, and drain your budget. For any concerns you may have, contact us at (301) 830-4099 for service throughout Gaithersburg, MD and surrounding areas. We provide personalized recommendations, conversion from conventional to tankless water heating, proper installation, proactive maintenance, and skilled repair. Every project is handled quickly, and to higher standards of quality.

With over 150 years of combined experience, United Service Specialists Heating & Air Conditioning is prepared for any challenge. Our highly trained and dedicated plumbers help you determine the most cost-effective strategy, whether repair or replace. We customize solutions to best meet the demands of your household, lifestyle, and expectations. Through regular upkeep, we help you avoid the damage from a ruptured tank, needless energy waste, and water contaminated by a buildup of minerals.

Call our team for all your water heater repairs, maintenance, and installations!

Partnering with only proven manufacturers and specializing in both conventional and tankless water heating, we deliver maximum rewards from your investment. We’re happy to explain the many benefits of on-demand water heating, such as superior energy efficiency, space savings, longer lifespan, no waiting for water to warm up, and no running short of hot water.

Hot Water Heater Frequently Asked Questions:

Conventional water heaters typically last up to twelve years, while tankless models provide around twenty years of dependable service. You’ll then begin to notice a loss of efficiency and may face more frequent repairs. Waiting for the water heater to fail is not cost-effective. Taking proactive measures saves you money while avoiding damage and disruption. The licensed plumbers from United Service Specialists are available to complete an accurate assessment of all makes and models of water heaters.
United Service Specialists is happy to guide you through the process, ensuring the right fit for your specific household demand and budget. We consider such factors as fuel source (gas or electric), storage capacity (30 gallon to 80 gallon), style (tank or tankless), and warranty coverage.
  • An accumulation of water near the water heater may indicate a leak and potential malfunction.
  • Any rust or sediment degrading the quality of water is typically a precursor to system failure.
  • Insufficient temperature and/or duration of supply of hot water is a sign of diminishing performance.