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United Service Specialists Heating & Air Conditioning serves families and businesses in all parts of Montgomery County, Howard County, PG County, Washington DC, and Frederick County with offices in College Park and Gaithersburg.
Fantastic experience. The repair was quick and easy, and the price reasonable. Alex did the work without any fuss and I couldn't be happier with how everything went. I would absolutely use them again -- I had never used the company before but was convinced to try them because of the great Angie's List reviews and the fact that they were recommended by our realtors (Mandy and David)... and I'm so glad I did!
Christine L.
Washington DC
Alex repaired my bathtub faucet that was broken off at the pipe. EXCELLENT SERVICE.. I am SO HAPPY to have found a GOOD plumber.. and local...Was here waiting for me before the scheduled time... Very nice people. I will hire them again in a heartbeat. Thanks guys!
Mark H.
College Park MD
My wife and I just bought a new home, and we needed an HVAC technician and plumber to address safety and efficiency issues flagged by our inspector. Our agent recommended United Service Specialists, so we went with them. They were great. They solved all of our issues and gave us sound advice on upgrading our system and a fair price to do all the work. We confirmed that the price was fair and advice sound by talking to another company. Now we have a state-of-the-art HVAC system that is far more energy efficient. Plus, the staff--from sales to installers and plumbers--strike me as all very competent, professional, and eager to do the right thing for their clients. I would highly recommend them for any plumbing and HVAC needs, especially if you are looking for a new and better HVAC system.
Jonathan R.
Washington DC
Repaired two leaking valves and snaked a drain. Arrived on time and go to work immediately. Concentrated on his work and did the job quickly and efficiently. Clean up his work area so that it looked like it did upon his arrival. Explained what he did, had us sign his work slip and departed.
John C.
Berwyn Heights MD
We used them in the summer and fall to fix the multiple mistakes in the HVAC system that the company that rehabbed the house made. The central AC had to be moved from its original place under the house, as there was not enough air space above it for it to run efficiently. It was moved 30 feet back to the parking pad and they found the carpenter to build a wood stand for it to elevate it above ground level. They also came back in the fall to check the heating system to make sure the correct pipe was used going up the chimney. They also had to fix the condenser line, which was draining into the sewer pipe; not to code. We had contacted several HVAC companies to help us decide how to fix the problems but they was the most responsive and professional so we hired them and were very glad we did. They did a first class job, and we felt confident that our HVAC was functional, efficient, SAFE and most of all installed to building codes after the work was finished. They were always timely, professional, cleaned up well after the jobs, which were performed to the highest standards. I would recommend them without hesitation or reservation.
Jackie D.
Washington DC
We had our fall tune-up and maintenance service done as part of our yearly contract. They changed our filter (we provided), checked the heater and fan, checked the temperature of the air coming out of the system, and checked our thermostat. All went smoothly. The technician called to confirm our appointment, arrived punctually, put shoe coverings on so that our carpeting would stay clean, asked us if there was anything they needed to know or any problems (none), performed all the maintenance and checks, and told us how the system was working (well). We have been customers of theirs for over 10 years, servicing two houses and one condo with heating, air conditioning, and plumbing services. The technicians listen to fully understand what needs to be done, stay on the maintenance or repair until it is resolved to our satisfaction, and clean up after themselves. Their pricing is reasonable and we feel we get excellent value for the cost. The company is very good at servicing existing equipment, which has saved us money. They keep us advised when equipment is aging and may need to be replaced, and helped us understand and budget for replacements. And they are comfortable to talk with so we do not feel pressure when making a decision.
Ralph F. - Germantown MD Ralph F.
Germantown MD
I contacted 6 companies regarding replacement of an A/C (electric heat pump), which was nearing 25 years old and was not repairable. Of the 6 companies (most of which were recommended by others), only 4 scheduled estimates. One company wanted to be paid for an estimate, which does not seem to be standard practice in the DC Metro area. I chose them for many reasons but primarily customer service. Brad (their sales representative) came the same day I called to schedule an estimate (that was merely serendipity but I appreciated the aggressive sales technique. He provided me with an estimate in less than 24 hours and did follow-up by email and phone. Again, for others, this may be a negative but for me, it's a positive. I contacted the two other companies that provided estimates with questions--one never called back, the other took a week to respond. Brad answered all my questions (and there were a lot!) and worked with my home warranty company so I could file a claim for reimbursement. He also worked with me to determine what would be the best products for my home. They use Rheem products, which were suggested by neighbors who changed their A/C. He didn't try to up-sell, and he even revised the estimate when one of their vendors wasn't giving him the service he expected. In all, the process took less than a month from my initial call to installation. Wendy was a true delight to work with. She's friendly, outgoing, and organized. I heard from her regularly and that was reassuring. Both Hugo & Jose who did the work were incredibly professional and polite. Replacing a condenser and heat pump when the weather outside is 90+ degrees is not fun--and they were always good-natured. They came in, did their work and left. They did not dawdle, leave without explanation, make personal use of mobile phones, or other behaviors I've observed in other workers. They were considerate and conscientious. When they finished, they talked me through the paperwork, repeatedly asked if I had any questions, and cleaned up the workspace--probably better than I would have! The new equipment came with good warranties--up to 10 years and included parts and service. Not every company does that--as I found out. While they don't provide financing, they accommodated my needs and worked with me to make sure I could engage their services. In short, I would totally recommend them. Even if you don't choose to use them, give them a try for an estimate. You may be pleasantly surprised in the end and go with them!
Goldie G.
Washington DC
Troubleshot furnace issue and provided repair – price included parts. He arrived at scheduled time, discussed issues we were having with our gas furnace. Was able to quickly identify the problem and repair quickly. Very happy with service.
Anne K. – Gaithersburg MD Anne K.
Gaithersburg MD
Excellent! Couldn’t be happier. Highly recommend them.
John D.
New Carrollton MD
Excellent service and good prices. Nice experience scheduling appointment, and they came several hours earlier than my appointment time when I called to request this. Alex was very knowledgeable about boiler systems, diagnosed and fixed the problem quickly, and give me quite the education on the most efficient way to keep the building heated and not over-work the system.
Mark L.
They did a great service. There was no problem with them. They all did the best job and were professional. I haven’t used it yet.
Milton W.
Clinton MD
I recently had a complete HVAC replacement for my condo. The building is four stories and a crane was needed to replace the unit on the roof. I got two estimates and they came in substantially below the other one. The work was done perfectly and on time. Brad the sales and installation coordinator was knowledgeable, friendly and accommodating.
Ken S.
Replaced an HVAC unit, both inside and outside units and rebuilt filter access area for easier access. First repairman arrived at the beginning of the scheduled appointment window and quickly determined the problem. Within 2 hours a new unit was ordered, an estimate was provided for the new unit and installation, and a contract was signed. Unit arrived quickly and appointment was scheduled immediately. For the 2 day installation process, repairmen arrived promptly, kept on schedule, and completed work on time. They also did the additional work required to create a new filter access to make it easier to replace the air filter when needed. This work was also done at the estimated price and within the scheduled time. They made great effort to get the work done at the same time as the unit installation, making things much easier for me and saving me from having to make a separate appointment. After work was done, they cleaned everything up and put everything back into place. The new unit is running perfectly.
Jeanette B.
Olney MD
They made an emergency call on a Saturday evening to diagnose a problem with our heat pump and humidifier. Our technician was very professional and communicated well what was happening and what we needed to occur. He was able to solve the problem quickly and efficiently.
Martha S.
Gaithersburg MD

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