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Dual Fuel System

Dual Fuel Heating System Service & Installation

Our dual-fuel systems offer the perfect combination of efficiency and comfort with two energy sources—an electric heat pump and a gas or oil furnace. What makes this system so ideal is that it seamlessly alternates between the two energy sources, depending on outdoor conditions. A heating and cooling system all in one, the heat pump functions as both a heating and cooling system, reducing gas fuel consumption. On extra cold days the gas furnace becomes the primary heat source, ensuring maximum comfort is maintained.
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Dual Fuel Heating System Frequently Asked Questions:

Dual Fuel systems use two sources of energy for heating purposes.
High efficiency heat pumps can heat the house cheaper so when the temperatures are milder they don’t need the other, more expensive fuel.
Heat pumps with auxiliary heat (electric strip heat) combine the heat pump with an electric heat source for cold weather situations. The difference is the additional heat source on a dual fuel is either gas or oil for very cold weather conditions.