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Radiant Heating

Radiant Heating System & In-Floor Radiant Heating Installation

Radiant heating is one of the many heating services United Service Specialists Heating & Air Conditioning offers. Very little compares to the luxury of Radiant Heating. Along with unmatched comfort, these systems trim energy costs, free up valuable space, operate silently, and won’t overly dry indoor air. What’s not to love?

Contact United Service Specialists Heating & Air Conditioning for Radiant Heating services in Gaithersburg, MD and surrounding areas and enjoy walking barefoot on a heated floor this winter, stay perfectly cool this summer, and take advantage of a system that pays for itself. Our licensed heating technicians provide tailored recommendations, accurate estimates, and seamless installation.

Whole-Home Heating Solutions

A network of pipes, concealed beneath floors or inside walls/ceilings, circulates heated or chilled water, spreading a consistent temperature with no blasts of air or uncomfortable stratification. During the coldest weather of winter, radiant systems gently warm all surfaces, objects, and air in the room, leaving no cold spots to steal body heat and allowing lower thermostat settings. Plus, there’s no influx of air pollutants, no noise, no unsightly equipment, and the easy set up of zone control personalizes comfort and further trims operational costs. Radiant systems link to boilers, geothermal heat pumps,
solar collection systems, and water heaters and work well with floor coverings such as hardwood, carpet, vinyl, ceramic, tile, and natural stone. United Service Specialists Heating & Air Conditioning is happy to provide accurate estimates, helpful recommendations, and complete heating installations, with quick turnaround on all jobs. Call us today at (301) 830-4099!