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With oil prices rising to record highs and steadily increasing, there’s never been a better time to switch over to natural gas. A cleaner burning and more efficient home heating fuel, natural gas can significantly reduce your home’s CO2 emissions and eliminate the need to worry about noxious odors and home deliveries. Better still, the efficient use of natural gas may greatly reduce the cost of fuel to heat your home.

Gaithersburg, MD - Oil to Gas Conversions

If you currently have an oil-based heating system and are considering making a change in favor of natural gas, you’ll need a skilled HVAC technician experienced in converting heating systems. At United Service Specialists Heating & Air Conditioning, we have the tools and skills to perform oil to gas conversions, and we’re eager to help you make the switch to cleaner, eco-friendly, cost-effective home heating. Get clean, cost-effective heat with the help of United Service Specialists Heating & Air Conditioning. Call today to get an estimate and learn more about what your oil to gas conversion might entail.


Clean burning fuels help the environment, and you can get more efficient equipment with gas appliances than oil appliances.

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