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Too dry in winter, too damp in summer…does this describe the air in your house?

If you’re looking for something that’s just right, a humidifier or dehumidifier may do the job. When there is too much moisture in the home, the air gets stuffy and feels warmer than actual temperatures. Microbes, mildew, fungi, bacteria, and viruses flourish in this environment, especially in small, poorly vented, or underground spaces, such as bathrooms, showers, finished basements or cellars, laundry rooms, and underneath sinks.
If the air in your home lacks enough moisture, skin can become dry and other forms of dermatitis (chapped lips, peeling or itchy skin, eczema, and other rashes) can develop. When your home is too dry, natural materials such as wood or leather are especially affected.

Control your home’s humidity levels.

Whole-home central humidifiers control humidity within 1% of the recommended levels throughout your home, creating a healthier home, lessening dry sinuses, itchy skin and sore throats, and keeping wood from cracking or warping. It may also reduce the occurrences of bacteria, viruses, and respiratory infections.

Regardless of the weather in your area, humidity will repeatedly be a factor in your home. Let our technicians help you achieve the best indoor air quality possible. Contact United Service Specialists Heating & Air Conditioning today to get started in Gaithersburg, MD and surrounding areas!’